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Subaru is an automaker that is synonymous with both the boxer engine and the all-wheel drive of symmetry, it has been making cars since the ’50s. Stateside, Subaru is popular with its inexpensive but durable models like the best-selling Outback or the Impreza that still oozes the legacy of WRC to this day. AWD is standard on most cars in Subaru’s lineup but for the BRZ compact sports car that’s RWD, while boxer engines continue to be the norm on most of the models on offer, be it compact SUVs, sedans, station wagons, or the lone sports car. Make your ride safe and comfortable when you get flat tyre with the Road Hero Space Saver Spare Wheels.

Subaru Spare Wheels

Subaru Spare Wheels


This Road Hero space saver wheel is pre-fitted with a spare tyre all ready to use in case you should get a flat tyre. This Road Hero kit includes a space-saver wheel and tyre, jack, wheel brace, storage bags and more. Nuts, bolts and spigot rings are also supplied where required. Everything supplied with the Road Hero Space Saver Wheel and Tyre Kit can be conveniently stowed away inside the provided storage bags.

Most new vehicles only come with tyre repair kits instead of a proper spare wheel and tyre. Many drivers would prefer a spare wheel and tyre, that’s where Road Hero comes in!

The Road Hero Kit Includes:

  • Spacer saver wheel and tyre
  • Jack
  • Telescopic wheel brace – with interchangeable sockets included
  • Head torch
  • Kneeling mat
  • Warning triangle
  • Rain poncho
  • High-vis jacket
  • Gloves

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