No Spare Tyre? No Problem! 

No Spare Tyre? No Problem! 

no spare tyre no problem

If you have purchased a new car recently, you may have been shocked at the lack of a spare tyre. In the last ten years, full-size spare tyres being put inside of new vehicles has decreased by almost 50%. Here’s how to make sure a flat isn’t going to leave you stranded.

Invest In A Space Saver Tyre

Space savers are smaller than standard spare tyres and take up less room. They are great when the unexpected happens like a blowout or puncture while you’re away from home. Just pop the space saver on and get yourself to the nearest garage to replace the tyre on your own wheel.

space saver tyre

Space savers are also great when your actual wheel is also damaged if a tyre can’t be replaced, and you need a whole new wheel or alloy then the space saver is great because it can be put straight on and then replaced when you have a new wheel. You can’t drive too far on them though, and they are often limited in speed, but you’ll regret not having one if you’re ever in a sticky flat tyre situation.

Road hero is a specific type of wheel kit designed for cars which no longer come with spare wheels.

Upgrade To A Run-Flat Tyre

Run-flats work like regular tyres but can withstand a puncture for a short period, and at a reduced speed, meaning you can get yourself to a garage or at the very least out of harm’s way.

They are a little more costly and come as standard on many high-end cars, especially from BMW and Mercedes.  Unfortunatly these are not always available when you need them and you are restricted with the usage of the run flat tire when its deflated.  Most of the time it will only let you limp to the nearest service station and even that isnt recommended .

new cars with run flat tyres

You can pick run-flat tyres up for between £80 and tyre depending on the quality, brand and size you need for your vehicle.

A better option would be to invest space saver wheel.

Keep A Tyre Repair Kit In Your Car

If you think that buying a space saver is a good option, you can get your hands on one from our website. Space savers can be reused and are the most sustainable way of replacing your tyre until you can get a new one fitted to your wheel and put back on. When your new tyre is fitted, the space saver can be returned to your car to be used again te next time you find yourself in a sticky situation.

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